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Aborigines: Indigenous People of Australia

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Aboriginal Flag

The Australian Aborigines, indigenous to Australia, were the first people who settled down in what was known to the European's as New Holland. They are considered one of the oldest living society with a culture that date long past the last Ice Age. It is believed that the Aborigines first arrived on the Australian continent from as far back as 70,000 years ago.

Aborigines are considered as the first people in the world to actually manufacture polished round edge-ground stone tools. There are evidence to suggest that they have ceremonies to cremate their dead and also to engrave and paint representations of themselves and the animals they hunted.

To know about Aborigines culture and tradition is to understand them. Ever since the invasion of the Europeans into the Australian continent, much of their teachings and values have disappeared. They have been branded as outcasts and degenerates in the past. While not much of our perception have changed since then, we have begun to understand that there is much that the Aborigines can teach us.

From bush medicine to food, songs to Dreamings, the Aborigines culture is a culture that is worth preserving and shared with everyone in this world. Aboriginal art have undergone a major revival in the last two decades. What this means is that artists have found a way to preserve and express an ancient art that was almost thought extinct when the Europeans arrived. Earthly art is a reflection of various peoples' ancestral called the Dreaming and is considered sacred and valuable. One of the more contemporary Aboriginal artist is Sally Morgan (who also wrote a semi-biography book called 'My Place') combines modern and Aborigines theme in her artworks.

The Aborigines have also developed many weapons, notably the boomerang or a throwing stick that allows hunters to hit an animal at a great distance and to have the weapon return back. As well as using this teriffic device, the Aborigines also used wild dogs such as the dingo dogs in their hunt.

You can learn about this wonderful culture by visiting the National Aborigines Cultural Centre. See also Aboriginal Flag and learn read the Legend of the Three Sisters. ( Blue Mountains)

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