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Sydney is well equipped with some of the best hotels with million dollar view and bargain hostels. Depending on your choice and how much you are willing to pay, you can go from as much as $400 a night in a five star hotel overlooking the harbour to spending as little as $13 in a shared hostel room.

If you wish to spend the night close to the city in a hotel or motel room, you can expect to pay a little more. Consider using youth hostels as they are generally cheaper and more affordable. However, if you prefer sleeping in a hotel or motel room but don't want to pay more, try looking for ones that are outside the city but close enough to walk to the train stations.

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Camping & Caravans
University & College Housing
Guesthouse & Bed and Breakfast


The most expensive hotels are the ones that are close the Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour. If you don't mind spending a little extra, you can expect rooms with terrific view of the harbour and the city. The rates vary from season to season. The most expensive times are around the New Year Eve when fireworks go off.

  1. Inter-Continental Hotel
    • 117 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9320-0200
    • Hotel Services: air condition, babysitting, bars, beauty salon, fax, gym, conference centre, limousine, restaurants, swimming pool, 24 hour room service, hair dryer, tea/coffee-making facilities, telephone, tv house movies

  2. Observatory Hotel
    • 89-113 Kent Street
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9256-2222 or fax (02) 9256-2233
    • Hotel Services: air condition, fax, business services, bar, beauty salon, babysitting, gym, swimming pool, hairdresser, 24hr room service, limousine, laundry, telephone, tea/coffee-making facilities, fridge, minibar

  3. The Regent, Sydney
    • 199 George Street, NSW 2000
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9241-1234 or fax (02) 9256-1555
    • Hotel Services: air condition, babysitting, butler service, daily newspaper, 24hr room service, radio, telephone, tv, health club, restaurants, currency exchange, limousine, swimming pool

  4. Manly Pacific Parkroyal Hotel
    • 55 North Steyne, NSW 2095 Manly
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9977-7666 or fax (02) 9977-7822
    • Hotel Services: air condition, 24hr room service, radio, minibar, tea/coffee-making facilities, telephone, tv, limousine, restaurants, bar, currency exchange, babysitting, laundry, gym, ironing facilities

  5. Novotel Hotel
    • 100 Murray Street, Prymont 2009
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9934-0000 or fax (02) 9934-0099
    • Hotel Services: air condition, conference facilities, babysitting, beauty salon, currency exchange, 24hr room service, tennis court, gym, laundry, limousine, restaurants, sauna, swimming pool, minibar, radio, fridge, tea/coffee-making facilities, telephone, satellite tv, VCR


Motels are generally places with your own bathroom and basic facilities. Rates for rooms vary from places to places. ($60 to $100) The standards for motels will vary from very basic rooms to deluxe ones. If you have more than three friends travelling with you, it is worthwhile to ask for a family room which basically come with four beds.

  1. Coogee Sands Motor Inn
    • 161 Dolphin Street, Coogee NSW 2034
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9665-8588 or fax (02) 9664-1406
    • Hotel Services: air condition, babysitting, limousine, cooking facilities, conference facilities, swimming pool, roof terrace, BBQ area, restaurant, radio, fridge, room service, telephone, tv

  2. Australian Sunrise Lodge
    • 485 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9550-4999 or fax (02) 9550-4457
    • Hotel Services: kitchen, lounge, payphone, microwave, radio, fridge, tea/coffee-making facilities, toaster, tv


Hostels are a great alternative for those who want to save money. Most buildings are old but are usually well-kept. If you are extra lucky, you may find work in the hostels as they are mostly run by travellers who want to work for a short period of time. The only disadvantages are the lack of privacy - you may have to share rooms with other people. Bring along a regulation sleeping bag or bed linen.

  1. Sydney YHA
  2. The Funk House Backpackers
    • 23 Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9358-6455 or fax (02) 9358-3506
    • Hotel Services: twin and double rooms, fridge, tv, free linen, blanket, videos & BBQ nights, common areas, kitchen, laundry, internet

  3. City Resort Hostel
    • 103 Palmer Street, Woolloomooloo
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9357-3333
    • Hotel Services: rooms with built-in kitchen, fridge, tv, coffee/tea-making facilities

  4. Dury House Backpacker
    • 34B Darlinghurst Road, King's Cross
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9368-0188
    • Hotel Services: rooms with ensuite, tv, fridge, kitchen, Internet, free coffee and light breakfast, free pick up

  5. Lamrock Hostel
    • 7 Lamrock Avenue NSW 2026, Bondi Beach
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9256-2222 or fax (02) 9256-2233
    • Hotel Services: BBQ area, payphones, kitchen, fax, fridge

Camping & Caravan

Camping and caravaning are a great way to enjoy nature without the stigma of being surrounded by city life. New South Wales has some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Most of these parks offer camping and caravan parks for a small fee. (some may require that you have a licence for camping) Some parks offer many facilities such as showers, public washrooms, BBQ areas and many more.

See also Bushwalking in Australia

  1. Grand Pines Tourist Park
    • 289 The Grand Parade, San Souci NSW 2219
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9529-7329 or fax (02) 958-1550
    • Hotel Services: cabins for rent only

  2. The Basin
    • PO BOX 134, Forestville NSW 2087
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9451-8124 or fax (02) 9451-7390
    • Hotel Services: campsite, no caravan or cabins

  3. La Mancha Cara-Park
    • 901 Pacific Highway, Berowra NSW 2081
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9456-1766 or fax (02) 9456-2067
    • Hotel Services: guest lounge, games room, mini market, pool, cabins, close to public transportation

University & College Housing

University housing provides another alternative to staying in expensive hotels. These rooms are usually free during the semester break which is usually around November to February. Some will even allow lodgers free access to the sports facilities and discount meals at the canteens and cafeterias.

  1. University of NSW
    • Parramatta Road, Camperdown
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9351-3312 or fax (02) 9552-7055
    • Hotel Services: single and shared rooms, lounges, kitchens, tv, lines but bring your own towels

  2. University of Sydney
    • University of NSW, Sydney 2052
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9385-1000 or fax (02) 913-6346
    • Hotel Services: single and shared rooms, lounges, kitchens, tv, lines but bring your own towels

  3. Women's College
    • 15 Carillon Avenue, Newton
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9516-1642
    • Hotel Services: for women only, single and shared rooms, lounges, kitchens, tv, lines but bring your own towels

Guesthouses & Bed & Breakfast

Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfast places are usually run by a family business. The atmosphere is relaxed and would suit just about anyone. The rooms can range from country style to simple bedrooms with basic facilities. As well as affordable rents, the locals are an excellent source of information as to what to do around Sydney.

  1. Alishan International Guesthouse
    • 100 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9566-4048 or fax (02) 9525-4686
    • Hotel Services: BBQ areas, laundry, kitchen, Jacuzzi, washing machine/dryer, fridge, tv, coffee/tea-making facilities

  2. Potts Point House
    • 154 Victoria Street, Potts Point NSW 2011
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9368-0733 or fax (02) 9261-2208
    • Hotel Services: fax, kitchen, payphone, tv, shared rooms and bathrooms

  3. Woolborkers Arm
    • Cnr Allen and Pyrmont Station, Darling Harbour
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9552-4773
    • Hotel Services: Bed & Breakfast, pub, tv, washrooms


For something unusual, why not try staying in farmhouses? They usually come in the form of houses located in the countryside and self-contained cottages. Consider looking for work on these farms while boarding - choose fruit picking season for this. Otherwise you can always look for packages at your local travel agency.

  1. NSW Farm & Country Holiday (Information)
    • PO BOX 772 Crows Nest NSW 2065
    • Call for reservations: (02) 9436-4757
    • Call this place to find out about the available farmstays in New South Wales.

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