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Art Gallery of NSW


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Location: Art Gallery Road

The Art Gallery of NSW has some of the largest collection of artworks both local and international. Located along the picturesque grounds close to The Domain, this gallery is bound to astound even the hardest art critic and is certainly worth the visit.

Permanent exhibitions like the Aborigines art collection and Classical paintings from the 1800s are free for visitors to roam around. Other famous Australian artists include John Oslen, Arthur Boyd, Brett Whiteley and many others. If you prefer, the more modern artworks done by local and international artists of today are located one level down.

Special exhibitions are shown throughout the year. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to glimpse at artworks done by Van Gogh, Salvador Dali and many more acclaimed masters. You will have to pay for these special exhibitions but they are certainly worth it. A word of advise though, if you are thinking of going to any of the special exhibitions on offer, go during the weekdays to avoid the crowds.

Come during the months of January through to February and see the Art Express exhibition which is a collection of artworks created by high school students in preparation for their Higher School Certificate. These artworks will not only astound you but will make you wonder at the creativity of young people who have so much talent to offer the world.

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TIPS: To get to the Art Gallery of NSW, catch the train to St James Station. Cross the Hyde Park, bear left the moment you set eyes on St Mary's Cathedral and follow the Art Gallery Road until you reach the gallery.

The gallery opens from 10am to 5pm daily and closes on Christmas Day.

Parking is not recommended at the gallery due to the lack of parking spaces. It is advisable that you walk there to enjoy the decorative trees planted along the road as well as a small garden filled with blooms. Look out for some of the artworks that are scattered close by.

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