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Star City Casino Location: 80 Pyrmont Street, Ultimo

The Star City Casino was designed by architectural genius Phillip Cox who designed the Sydney Football Stadium and the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre. Completed in early 1998, the casino is one of the largest in New South Wales and echoes the glamour and charm of Las Vegas.

Located within the building are a mixture of elegant restaurants and state-of-the-art theatres. Artworks by Australian artists Colin Lanceley and John Oslen graced the walls of the casino combined with charming PVC trees. Walking through the casino is an assortment of themes from the cool charm of the ocean and warmth of the desert. Watch for the stunning waterfall display near the entrance and the assortment of marine creatures in two huge tanks.

Inside Star City The Lyric Theatre has an impressive count of 2000 seats and the Showroom has about 900 seats. There are 20 restaurants and bars and even a night club. Visitors to the casino can even do their shopping on the ground level or grab a bite at the numerous food courts.

If you have an urge for gambling, you might be impressived by the collection of slot machines and tables of blackjacks, roulette and many more. Star City Casino has 1,500 slot machines scattered throughout and about 160 gambling tables. For those who don't mind spending, the casino offers three high-roller rooms that need a $500,000 betting kitty for admission.

You can spend the night at Star City in their five star hotel that offer 350 rooms as well as a 139 unit apartment complex. All rooms come with an impressive view.

For more information, visit the Australia's Casino Homepage.

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If you are thinking of taking a photo inside the casino, be warn. Security guards will not hesistate to whip away your camera for security reason. This is unfortunate as the interior of the casino is quite impressive.

To get to the casino on foot, catch the train to Town Hall Station then walk across the Pyrmont Brige, near Darling Harbour heading in a eastern direction. If you prefer, you can also catch the Light Rail directly underneath the casino.

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