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Cockle Bay Wharf


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Beautiful cranes in Cockle Bay Wharf Location: Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour

Cockle Bay Wharf is the lastest offerings from Darling Harbour and is set up to become one of the major attraction for the upmarket and trendy crowd.

There three levels of restaurants from signature to casual dining as well as conference rooms on each level. The restaurants offer from anything as exotic as Japanese and Indian to local Australian cuisine. Attractive tables and chairs offer a chance for a delightful cup of mocha or a chilled glass of beer.

At the base of the building is a wonderful fountain surrounded with arching cranes dancing and playing around the fountain. Close by is an upmarket nightclub that promised to be one of the trendiest hang outs for the young and trendy.

TIP: To fully appreciate the view of the harbour, climb to the third level of the Cockle Bay Wharf. If you are thinking of going to the nightclub here, be aware that there are strict rules about clothing gear. Do not wear shorts or thongs as they are frowned upon.

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View of Cockle Bay Wharf

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