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National Flags of Australia


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National Flag

Australian National Flag

The national flag was chosen by Australia's first prime minister, Edmund Barton (1901) after holding a nation wide competition to design a flag for Australia. Royal blue was chosen to symbolized royalty with the British Monarch and the Union Jack was copied from England's own flag.

The five stars on the right symbolizes the Southern Cross where Australia is located. If you look more closely, all the stars save for the smallest has 7 points. The smallest has only 5. The huge star below the Union Jack is known as the Federation Star which represent the colonies in Australia in 1901.

There have been a call for a change in the Australian flag recently with the coming of the Olympic to Sydney with new and modern designs.

For more information about Australian Flags, visit the Australian Flag Homepage

Aboriginal Flag

Aboriginal Flag

Designed by Aboriginal artist, Harold Thomas in 1971 as the National Flag did not include any Aboriginal influence at all. The black is meant to symbolized the AboriginesThe ochre color underneath is the color of Australia red earth. Red is also used extensively in Aborigines art and ceremonies.

The yellow circle in the centre represent the yellow sun, a renewal of life. The flag has gained much reputation among the Aborigines and non-Aborigines since it was first flown at Victoria Square, Adelaide in 1971.

For more information about Australian Flags, visit the Australian Flag Homepage

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