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Macqurie University


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Location: Herring Road, North Ryde

Named after the governor who was responsible for much of the architecture buildings in Sydney, the Macquarie University is a relatively new university. (It was established only 30 years ago) The university is surrounded by rolling hills and weeping willows as well as a lake making this one of the most relaxed university in Sydney.

Macquarie University

The Macquarie University is known for its publication of the Macquarie University Dictionary. This dictionary has been a turning point for the university and Australia as it is as it is one of the first dictionary of its kind to actually penned down Australian words and phrases. The popularity of the dictionary is inherit as there is no school in Australia which does not have the book.

As well as developing the book, the Macquarie University is also the first university of its kind in Australia to send (and still does) students to Egpyt for archaeology studies and digs. Visitors to the university can see some of the relics from Egpyt in the university's own Egpytian museum. Included in the museum is a full sized mummy as well as a mummified head and leg. To gain entry into the museum, you will need to get permission from the receptionist at the E building.

There are contemporary artworks scattered about the place. Visitors can also wander through the huge library located centrally within the university to view some of the artworks from local artists. There is also a strong music presence at the university. Bands ranging from hard rock to new age.

TIPS: To get to the university via public transport, catch the train to Epping Station. Walk left of the station until you see a bus stand. Catch either the bus number 288 or 292.

You can drive to the university by taking either the Mona Vale Road or Epping Road. Parking is available at the university seven days a week but it is cheapest during the weekends and semester break.

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