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Location: Darling Harbour

Sharks and stingrays at Sydney Aquarium One of the many highlights in Darling Harbour is the very popular and impressive Sydney Aquarium located near the Prymont Bridge and overlooking the National Maritime Museum. It is by far one of the world's largest aquarium and has the most diverse collection of Australian aquatic life featuring more than 5,000 animals in total.

It consists of two tanks which are moored permanently in the Harbour making the underwater viewing a bonus for all visitors. If you have not been to The Great Barrier Reef, the aquarium centre offers you a chance to glimpse what it is like to actually see the marine life living in the reef.

Underwater tunnel at the Sydney Aquarium There is also a chance to see salt and fresh water crocodiles as well as touch and experience some of the rock pool inhabitants. Perhaps the highlight of the centre is the huge underwater tunnel glass that allow you to wander through the murky depths of sharks, stingrays and turtles. The best time to view these creatures is during feeding time where fearless divers will actually hand feed them. Another crowd pleaser is the seal exhibition where visitors are able to walk through a large glass tunnel (you will actually feel like you're floating) where friendly and curious seals will come and greet you.

For more information, visit the Sydney Aquarium Homepage

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TIP: To get to the Sydney Aquarium by public transport, take the train to Town Hall and get off from there. Follow the signs to Darling Harbour and walk towards the Prymont Bridge. If you are thinking of driving, the Sydney Entertainment Centre has some excellent parking spaces.

It may take more than 2 hours to complete the tour so wear comfortable shoes. For those who wish there are wheelchair access available at the receptionist desk. If you visit the Sydney Aquarium website, you will get a $5 discount off a regular adult ticket. Simply print the form and present it to the teller.

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