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Taronga Zoo


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Location: Bradleys Head Road, Mosman

Koala This beautiful and huge zoo is spread out over the northern harbour shoreline, earning it as one of the world's most attractive zoo setting. Taronga Zoo is home to a variety of animals ranging from Australia's native animals such as koalas, kangaroos and emus to exotic and rare species such as golden monkeys, Sumarian tigers and many others.

Highlights of the zoo include the impressive collection of reptiles in the Serpentaria. The collection includes snakes, crocodiles, alligators and turtles from all over the world and is a big hit with children of all ages. There is also the Safari exhibition with native animals of Africa on display.

Kangaroo There is a Koala Walkabout which allow you to view the koalas at a close range. Although cuddling these cute creatures is not permitted, you can take a picture with them at a donation of $2. Aside from this exhibition, there is an open enclosure area, that allow you to meet kangaroos at a close distance and the Friendship Farm where children can pet farm animals and watch sheep shearing demonstration.

Wallaby If you are thinking about visiting Taronga Zoo you can do it in two ways. To drive down the zoo is easy and there is paid parking within the zoo itself. Head in the direction of Mosman and follow the signs leading to Bradleys Head Road. Another popular way of reaching the zoo is to buy a zoo pass from any of the tellers or ticket machines in Circular Quay. Board the ferry which is no more than half an hour ride across the harbour. This is a one way stop so you do not have to worry about changing ports. Upon reaching Taronga Zoo take either the aerial cable or bus to the entrance. Your pass should cover for both transportation. To get a great view of the zoo from above, the aerial cable is probably your best bet.

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5 star view for animals in Taronga Zoo

TIP: Lunching in the zoo can be expensive. What you pay for a bottle of drink inside will cost you double than what you will pay normally. Bring along a packed lunch and drink. Do not forget to wear a hat, sunglasses and sun block as it will get quite hot in the afternoon. The zoo does offer disability services which include the free use of wheelchairs and children's stroller.

There are demonstration located throughout the zoo at various times. You can get a map that include the times for a small donation. (Your donation will help maintain the zoo for all visitors so it is well worth investing a small amount of money.) Taronga Zoo sometimes offer night zoo at certain times of the year.

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