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Legend of The Three Sisters

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Legend of the Three Sisters
Legend has it that a long time ago, when the Dreaming began, there lived three sisters whose names were Meenhi, Wimlah and Gunedoo. Their father was the mighty witch doctor Tyawan whose fame was known far and wide. The family lived together happily for many years but there was one creature whom they fear most above all; the Bunyip. One day, while Tyawan was out collecting food for his daughters, a centipede crawled out of a hole and frightened Meenhi who accidentally dropped a rock over the ledge.

The Three Sisters As the rock fell to the ground, there came a terrifying sound from the furious Bunyip which who was rudely awaken by the fallen rock. He spied the three terrified women and leapt from his hiding place with the intention of devouring them. When Tyawan heard the cries from his daughter and saw the immediate danger they were in, he used his magic bones to turn the women to stones. The Bunyip robbed of his victims turned against Tyawan who fled from the scene. Unfortunately the creature was too fast for him and manage to trap the witch doctor under a rock. Tyawan quickly changed into a lyre bird and flew away to his freedom.

He returned to change his daughters back but found to his horror and despair that he had accidentally lost his magic bone during the flight from the Bunyip. Till this day, Tyawan still searches for the magical bone that would transform his daughters back to flesh again and if one were to listen carefully, you could almost hear his cries.

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