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Traveling around Sydney is easy and convenient. You can get to most places just by taking the train, bus or tram. You can purchase the tickets at the nearest train stations. If you want to save money and yet explore the city for as much as you like, ask for the day pass which not only allow you to step in and out of any train or bus stops of your choice but also include passes to the monorail, Sydney Aquarium and Taronga Zoo.

Hitching a ride is definitely not recommended. Like any other countries, there is a possible danger when you accept rides from strangers. In some states, it is illegal for cars to pick up any passengers. Use the public transport as they are a lot cheaper and safer. If you are still intend on doing so, then use common sense. Take rides only with two people, preferably if they are a male and a female. Two guys asking for a ride will take longer. It is not recommended that you take a ride if you are a woman. Hitchers should be wary of accepting lifts at all cost.

For more information on public transportation in Sydney, simply click on any of the following:

Learn how to board the trains in Sydney. Also included is a how-to guide on how to purchase your train tickets, what to look out for, where to find train timetables, how to find a station master and a list of the stations in the central, north shore, south, east and west of Sydney.

Buses and Trams
Learn how to board a bus, buy a ticket, what to look out for, how to tell the difference between public and private buses and the locations of buses in Sydney central.

Ferries and Cruises
To get a truly breathtaking view of Sydney and her harbour, catch the ferry from anywhere along the harbour or up the Paramatta River. Sydney offers great day or night cruises at a reasonable price. Learn how to catch a public ferry or hop onto a jetboat as well as the locations of the terminals.

Take the monorail ride around the cityscape in style. The monorail is built above ground which means you will get a terrific view of the city without having to walk all over the place. Learn how to purchase a token and what to expect.

Thinking of catching a taxi? Catching a taxi in the city is easy and interesting but expect to pay more than what you would normally wish to. Taxi drivers are a great source of information and will keep you up-to-date with the latest news in Sydney.

Rental Transportation
Tired of catching public transportation? Then ask for a rental car, motorcycle or RV unit. As long as you possessed a legitimate driver license, you can rent a vehicle and travel all over New South Wales. Learn how to rent a vehicle, the laws on the road and what to do if you ever got into an accident.

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