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Sydney has a lot of taxis that will take you to any part of the city. Getting a ride with a cab can be extremely expensive. For example, the moment you step into the cab, there is a $2 charge. It cost more if you arrange for a taxi to come and pick you up. The fees will go according to the distance you are from your destination.

Taxi drivers are a great source of information so don't be shy when it comes to asking them what's the best spot to visit. Some of them will be quite talkative and will be more than willing to point out some of the local sights as they go along.

Although tipping is not an entrenched habit, it is generally expected that you would tip the drivers at the end of your journey. A small token of $1 to $2 is usually enough. Finding an available taxi will depend on the time of the day. At times it is not surprising to find a long line-up of taxis waiting close to train or bus stations. Other times will find you hard press to find one that's available to take you to your place of destination. This usually occurs late at night and after Peak Hours.

Taxis usually come in an array of colors from white to yellow. If a passenger is in the vehicle, the sign above the car will not light up. Special taxis for people with disability are also available. (Call (02) 9339-0200) Also available are water taxis that usually operate around the Sydney Harbour.

  1. ABC
    • Reservations and bookings: 13-25-22

  2. Legion
    • Reservations and bookings: 13-14-51

  3. Premier Taxis
    • Reservations and bookings: 13-10-17

  4. St. George Cabs (Motorbikes)
    • Reservations and bookings: 13-12-66

  5. Water Taxis Combined
    • Reservations and bookings: (02) 9810-5010

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