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Train Information

Catching a train may seemed daunting if you haven't caught a train before. There are over 100 stations scattered throughout New South Wales alone and it is not impossible to get off at the wrong station.

With one of the most advance light rail in the world, the Tangara literally flows off the ground. Built in the early 1990s, it boasts silent speed, adjustable heaters and air conditions and has pleasant comfortable seats. The Tangara works mostly along the North Shore line so if you get the chance, try catching one of these state-of-the-art train.

The Sydney Tramway Museum is a great way to learn about Sydney's yesteryear trains. Though most trams are now permanent showcase display, the museum does have one tram running from Loftus to Sutherland. Call (02) 9542-3646.


How to purchase a ticket
Cost of tickets
How to find a stationmaster
Train Timetable
About Countrylink
List of Stations

How to purchase your tickets

Catching a train at a station Buying a train ticket is easy. Simply find a ticket booth located close to the station's entrance and approached any of the windows with a teller. There are two ways to ask for a ticket. If you are going one way towards a certain direction, for example "Central Station", ask for a "single to Central". If you want to return to the same station you are purchasing your ticket from, then say that you want a "return from Central".

If there are no tellers available, as such if you are traveling after 9pm, then look for a ticket machines located near the entrance of the station. Simply choose the destinations of your choice, insert your money (most of the machines accepts coins or notes) and collect the magnetic ticket from the slot below.

If either a machine or teller is unavailable (some small suburban stations may lack either or only have one or the other) then board the train, get off at the nearest biggest station, locate a station master and explain the situation. You will then be asked to pay for the ticket that you got off from your last station.

Once you purchased your ticket, be sure to keep the ticket handy as there are regular checks between stations. If you get caught, you could pay from anywhere between $100 to $500 so it is well worth to keep your ticket with you.

Cost of train tickets

A "single" ticket enables you to travel from one destination to another but not back again. A "return" enables you to return to the station of your choice and will cost double of a "single" ticket.

Buying your ticket at a
ticket machine The cost of your tickets will depend on three things; (a) the time of the day, (b) your destination and (c) your age. As a tourist, you will only need to be concern with the time of the day and your destination. Before "Peak Hours", the prices of trains doubles so it is advisable to catch the train after 9am. There will also be less passengers if you go after the "Peak Hours". If you are an Australian resident and a full time student or if you are under 18 years of age or if you are pensioner, then you will get what is called a "concession" ticket. You will only need to pay half the price of a full adult ticket.

The prices of the tickets will also depend on your destination. The further you travel away from the station you get on, the more it will cost. However, there are special deals by the CityRail that will cut back on the cost of your ticket. Also ask for the "Day Ticket" will allow you to travel around the city and get on and off as much as you prefer.

How to find a station master

Locating a station master is easy. They are located either close to the entrance or exit of any station. Look out for tourist pamphlets and brochures close by. Station masters will give you a train timetable if you wish. In any case of emergency, you should look to them first as they also provide a safe house.

About Countrylink

To fully experience taking the train in luxury, why not consider Countrylink which stops at around 334 stations along the east coast. Countrylink will travel from Queensland. New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) right through to Victoria. Although it may be expensive to travel with Countrylink it is certainly worth it to view the countryside at a leisurely pace. Look out for great package deals by Countrylink to suit your budget needs.

To find out more about Countrylink and their rates, check out the Countrylink Homepage.

Train Timetable

The train timetable is probably the most important thing you will need to look out for if you are thinking of catching the train. Not only will it tell you when the train will arrive and depart, it will also help you plan in advance how long you can spend in the city. If you catch a train from a major station like "Central Station" or "Redfern Station" , the time difference lapsing between the arrival and departure of trains will probably be less than 10 minutes. Catching a train from a small station such as "Asquith Station" or "Mt. Colah Station", you would probably be waiting for half an hour before a train might arrive. Some trains do not stop at small stations during "Peak Hours" so it is well worth it to ask for a time table pamphlet from your station master.

List of Stations

Since there are over 200 stations scattered throughout New South Wales alone, it is therefore impossible to list every stations under the sun. We have complied a list of the major stations around the Sydney area which you may want to keep in mind if you are traveling around the city.

Click on any of the following options below to get a list of the stations along the lines:

For more information, please see CityRail Homepage

  1. Illawarra Line
  2. Bankstown Line
  3. Inner West Line
  4. Cumberland Line
  5. East Hills Line
  6. South Line
  7. North Shore Line
  8. Western Line
  9. Carlingford Line
  10. South Coast Line
  11. Southern Highlands Line
  12. Olympic Park Line
  13. Hunters Lines
  14. Newcastle and Central Coast Line
  15. Blue Mountains Line

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