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Sydney, Australia University Information


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One of the greatest thing about living in Sydney is the exposure to higher learning and the arts. There is a strong motivation for people to go to universities immediately after leaving high school. Universities attract hundreds of overseas students, most of which come from Asia thus making the universities as a form of melting pot.

With so many universities in New South Wales, each unique in its own, it is not always possible to write down about all of them. Visitors should not be discouraged from visiting these wonderful establishment as there are so much history attached to them. For example, the Sydney University is one of the oldest university in New South Wales and has frequent tours around the place.

Another university that is full of historic value is the University of NSW located south of the Randwick Racecourse. This huge university started off in 1949 with only 45 students. Today, it boasts more than 28,000 students, 5,000 staff members and has 3 campuses. (Kensington campus, St George Campus and College of Fine Arts)

The Macquarie University at North Ryde is famous for its development of the Macqurie Dictionary which is used extensively in almost all schools in Australia. The University of Western Sydney is located in the western region of New South Wales and because of its unique locality has managed to attract a diverse range of student population. Students to this university can expect to find almost any kind of courses here.

The University of Technology Sydney or the UTS offers courses that are more closely linked to vocational courses. Its campus on Broadway Street is so close to Chinatown and the Sydney Entertainment Centre that this allow visitors to inspect the building when they are exploring the city.

Another great university is the University of Wollongong which is located at Northfield Avenue in Wollongong. Though its location is quite far from the heart of Sydney this university does provide a relaxed atmosphere creating a close-knit community. The Autralian Catholic University located in Castle Hill has a strong religious background and offers good quality education on a more personal basis.

TIPS: If you are looking for a cheap place to stay or if you wish to go on a backpacker adventure, the university housing is recommended. Not only is it cheaper than renting a hotel room, these housing as self sufficient. (i.e. comes with a kitchen and washroom) These housing are usually available during the semester breaks usually from June to August and November to March.

Should you wish to study in these universities and would like to learn more about housing information, you should contact the individual university and ask for a package which they can send to you free of charge. (some universities may ask for a token fee to cover postage and handling) The rates will vary according to the rooms you choose. For example, you might want to consider a private room with your own washroom or share rooms with someone else. Apartments are increasingly being built to accommodate students near the campus but may be costly. Most students overcome this problem by sharing with the cost with someone else. Look out for boards around the university for students wishing to share accommodation.

University cafeterias and canteens provide some of the most affordable meals around as they are subsidised by the student unions. There are also licensed pubs within the cafeteria that offer cheap beers during certain days of the week.

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