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Australia's Wonderland


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Location: 35 minutes west of the city, Wallgrove Road, Easter Creek (See Wonderland Map)

Australia's Wonderland is probably known as Sydney's answer to Disneyland. With over 200 hectares of land, it is easily the largest and biggest theme park in Australia. The theme park has six exciting theme areas such as the Hanna Barbara Land, The Australian Wildlife Park, the International Village, Goldrush and Transylvania. During the summer months, the park will open an extra theme area known simply as The Beach.

Wonderland If you ever love the cartoon characters from Hanna Barbara then you'll love the Hanna Barbara Land. You can say hi to 'Yogi Bear' or Fred Flinstone'. In the International Village, you will be able to see the entire world within minutes. Wander through Europe or take the challenge on the 'Bounty's Revenge'.

The 'Demon' in Transylvania is perhaps one of the fastest rollercoaster ride in the Southern Hemisphere and is not recommended for the faint hearted. For history and fun, try the Goldrush area where you can take the wild ride of the Snowy River Rampage. Enjoy the Aussie summer heat by relaxing by The Beach. It is open during day light saving summer period from October to March. If you want to cuddle a friendly koala or hand feed kangaroos, then the Australian Wildlife Park is the one you should head for. There are talks throughout the day which will inform you all you need to know about Australian animals.

For more information, visit the Australia's Wonderland Homepage.

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TIP: If you intend to drive to Australia's Wonderland simply follow the M4 Motorway and take the Wallgrove Road exit. Follow the signs to the entrance. There is a small parking fee of $4. To go by public transport, take the train to Rooty Hill Station and then take any of the buses with the Wonderland sign to the park.

Cost of entrance tickets: Adults ($37), Children ($26), Seniors ($26), Children under 3 is free. If you wish to only visit the Wildlife Park then you do not have to pay for the admission fee at the entrance. (The admission fee includes entrance to the Wildlife Park.) Adults ($13), Children ($9).

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