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Famous Australians: Yothu Yindi


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Group name: Yothu Yindi

Members: Mandawuy Yunupingu (lead singer), Makuma Yunupingu (vocals), Stuart Kellaway (bass guitar), Cat Williams (guitarist), Yomunu Yunupingu (dancer), Wurrthunbuy Yunupingu (dancer),Buruka Tau Matagu (keyboard), Ben Hakaltiz (drummer), Jodie Cockatoo-Creed (vocals, dancer)

Occupation: Rock Band

Yothu Yindi is the first major Aboriginal Australian band who have gained widespread international fame with their hit song Treaty. (The song was featured in Echino Man staring Bredon Fraser.

They have managed to blend both Western and Aboriginal music into their songs and even have both Aborigines and non-Aborigines in their group. Their mission have always been to unite Australians and the Indigenous People through their songs. The head of the band is Mandawuy Yunipingu who is both lead singer and headmaster of a school in Nothern Queensland. He has been the full force for the group, promoting and teaching Aborigines culture and understanding throughout Australia.

For more information, visit the Official Yothu Yindi Homepage

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